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Spring Cleaning

Spring is in full bloom in Portland, every tree is pushing buds and leaves, a row of perfect tulips can send my mind into a miniature mania, and it's a fine time to tidy things up.

  • I added a page for all posts that have descriptions.
  • I've (finally!) started importing my old posts (pre-2019) into this new blog engine.
  • Cleaned up a bunch of stale and dead links.
  • Added two frameworks to one of the posts that I refer to the most, my Dimensions of Engineering Management Focus
  • Playing with ways of using the ChatGPT API to automate tasks such as editing, writing descriptions and suggesting links.
  • Wrote drafts of posts to wind up my time at AllStripes and thoughts on the healthcare industry (finally!) and a new post talking about what I'm working on now (finally!).

Happy Spring!

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