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The Big List of COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic Resources

Minimal politics, minimal bullshit. These are the links and people I find myself referencing, returning to and pondering.

Just the info... data and visualizations

The struggle for calm and peace

It's just a little bit of history repeating

Preventing the spread

Working on the problems

Remote and the future of work in tech

Minimally-political twitter accounts to follow

This Coronavirus Sucks

It's Spring! Here in Portland that means cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, magnolias in bloom, tulips budding up and blooming. Maples sending out spinners, chestnuts with their conical blooms and even the big Black Walnut in our front yard reluctantly pushing buds. And warmth: Afternoons on the deck, evenings without the heaters, mornings without the shivers. It’s all the opposite of sucks.

And yet, despite all of it, this sucks.

As it turns out, all this stuff we’ve built on top of that beautiful blooming world? It’s all really fragile.

As it turns out, it’s all happened before:

UPDATE: I've teased out into its own post the lists of links that I've found myself either returning to regularly or pondering during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Much love to all… peace.

Use Docker and Docker Compose In Your Static Website Developer Workflow


Sometimes you just need a static website or webpage, and you want to enable yourself or someone else to edit it without having to know or remember the magic script to fire up a local webserver. This reduces it to a one liner, and an easy one to remember at that.

1. Create a Dockerfile

FROM nginx:alpine
COPY . /usr/share/nginx/html

See an example here

2. Create a Docker Compose file (docker-compose.yml)

version: '2' services: web: build: . ports: - "8000:80" volumes: - ./:/usr/share/nginx/html

See an example here

3. Develop locally

docker-compose up

You will now have a webserver running at http://localhost:8000/ with your changes visible on a refresh. Wanted: Got a lightweight way to enable hot reloading in the browser for a docker-based static website dev workflow?

This too

Why China's Air Has Been Cleaner During The Coronavirus Outbreak from BBC

What The Global Economy Looks Like

The $86 trillion world economy – in one chart from World Economic Forum

A notable change in the world over the last ten years is that working, as a mostly-monolingual American in Europe without being an expert in a local language, is suddenly possible.

When I moved to Paris in 2009, the possibilities as I understood them were (a) start my own online business and become a quasi-citizen of nowhere (b) don't work (c) do both and move home within six months.

Today I have three American friends/acquaintances who work at multi-national tech companies in Amsterdam and Munich.

I was in Copenhagen last week and met some Americans in a coffee shop who worked at Google. No Danish, other than hello and thank you. No worries about work permits or immigration. All handled. It's an amazing new privilege that I, greedily, would love to experience at least once in my life if/when circumstances support it.

This chart confirms something that can be sensed when traveling in the EU and having travelled in the EU for 20 years now: that the EU together is nearly the size of the US economically, and that future-state seems more likely to be a federation of states and less these standalone nations that made up Europe 20 years ago.