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On My Way Back

It's been a while.

Things had gotten to be a little much. I needed to go away, shut the door, ignore the firehose for a while.

Along with ignoring the firehose was this: stop contributing to the hose myself.

As winter is on the way and things are slowing down, I've been sticking my nose out. Consuming a few threads here and there, creating a few tweets of my own. Now, an art project.

Dark Four in Cascadia is a journal of my daily thoughts during what I call the "dark four" - November, December, January and February. These are the challenging months in the northern latitudes, the time of year when the days are short and here in Portland you might not see the sun for a week or more. It's when shit gets real. This year real is going to get even realer with a pandemic on. Having a daily project is one way I'm going to stay sane. Also, I love looking back at things like this in the future. Enjoy, and if you don't, that's ok too... it's an art project.

That's not all. Big news professionally, coming soon...

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