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Thoughts On Performance

Fast Software, the Best Software by Craig Mod

A few selected quotes include:

"Fastness in software is like great margins in a book — makes you smile without necessarily knowing why.”
"...slowness feels indicative of unseen rot on the inside of the machine...”
"Sublime Text has - in my experience - only gotten faster. I love software that does this: Software that unbloats over time.”
"A typewriter is an excellent tool because, even though it’s slow in a relative sense, every aspect of the machine itself operates as quickly as the user can move… The best software inches ever closer to the physical directness of something like a typewriter.”

Funny enough, while I was working on this, Chrome froze on my MacBook. I was on a flight and probably should have expected the browser, untethered from the internet, might choke with eight tabs full of hungry, connectivity-presumed apps open. Nonetheless… it struck me as unfaithful act.

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