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Andy Grove's High Output Management and the Three High Impact Activities

Andy Grove's High Output Management is a classic. My first mentor insisted I read it when I was building my first team, and I'm happy to see it still relevant and referenced today.

While the book has a massive amount of gems, the wisdom can be summarized for fast consumption by bulleting out Grove's opinion of the three highest impact activities a manager can focus on, these are:

  • Gathering information
  • Making decisions
  • Influencing others

I'm not sure those map perfectly to my opinion of the highest leverage activities a leader can focus on in 2022, but they're close. Real close. You won't lose with that as your go-forward how do I organize and plan my week framework.

There's a Medium post out there that summarizes the book nicely if you don't have time for the full read. But this is one you really should make time for the full read for.

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