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Fascinating Tweet Thread

This is complicated. It can be very difficult to make management into a sustainable role when you're trying to be the kind of empathetic and thoughtful manager that people deserve. I'm taking a break from it right now due to burnout. But here are a few thoughts.
— Marco Rogers (@polotek) August 24, 2019

Not just the one tweet, the whole thread. Favorite snippets included:

  • Accept that your job is not to "make people happy"... You can create an environment where they feel psychologically safe and productive. Happiness is up to them.
  • Find a way to let others share their problems with you
  • Find *strategic* ways to either delegate, automate or drop things
  • Cultivate wins for yourself. Not to show other people, but to sustain yourself. One the hardest parts of this job is that you pretty much stop getting any positive reinforcement whatsoever. It's easy to start to feel like there are only problems. 
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