Jon Oropeza

Software engineering and engineering software development teams. Mostly the people parts.

About Me

I’m a software engineer and currently an engineering manager living in Portland, leading full-stack development teams. I build modern, progressive web applications and distributed services to support them. I’m currently with a post-startup org acquired by The Home Depot, where I’ve been a part of delivering, maintaining and scaling our web application that extends the store shelf to a nationwide vendor network. As of Fall 2019 we support an average of $8M of daily sales through our application or $2.2B annually; Challenging, rewarding, fun work.

My past experience is as a polyglot technology maker and leader: I’ve worked on each phase of the product/market fit continuum. I’ve coded, created an impactful business process management system for the insurance industry and stood up a cross-discipline product development team at a traditional financial planning firm. I developed an app that helped commodities traders track their performance. And I co-created Tilt Video, a web and mobile app suite that enabled self-guided shooting and editing of promotional videos.

I like writing and speaking about tech, especially topics such as remote, opportunities in tech (especially non-programming), diversity & inclusion, Latinxs in tech, the power of books (such as Accelerate) to move culture, open communications, abundance models, frameworks. Architecture, but a lot of developer experience, workflow, team dynamics, happiness… all the human system concerns that lead to code ownership, high quality and something like ‘10x’ team performance. Relatively recently I’ve spoken at NodePDX and ML4All on data science applications.

You can reach me @joropeza on Twitter or my first initial, last name at gmail via email.